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Send us any of your unwanted clothes by any brand and in condition with the postage label which you will receive with your brand new sustainable Alse Studio products.

If it`s good enough to wear, we will send it to charity - Oxfam, if not, we will send for recycling.

Why Are We Doing This Project?

Only trends worth following are recycling and reusing. Not so fun fact but less than 1% of the materials used to make clothes get recycled each year. This means that thousands of tonnes of textiles end up in landfills.

By reusing fashion, we can turn that around!

As a further step to our sustainable production & ethical manufacturing, we would like to take responsibility to encourage our customers for recycling or reusing products and increasing the conscious on this.

*Sending return label campaign is only valid within the UK

Switching to sustainable fashion has never been this easier

Send us any piece of your clothes & get new sustainable ones!

A more mindful approach to Nature, People and Product